Top 10 Websites to Learn Programming

Hello. Welcome to vikaspedia from your country. Hope everyone is well. Today we will talk to you about 10 websites that will help you learn to program easily. Let’s start without further ado.

1. Code Academy

Code Academy is a learning platform created by an American. Which was established in 2011. Code Academy teaches various programming languages ​​starting with PHP Python Java programming. And the demand is increasing day by day. to learn about Code Academy. Click here

2. Code Average 

Code Average is a popular programming learning platform nowadays. On this platform, you can learn different programming languages ​​like Python, and C#, starting from web design. The special feature of Code Average is that it makes learning programming fun. As a result, you can easily master programming subjects. To learn about Coder.  visit here

3. Khan Academy 

A popular name among those who are into learning matters is Gee Khan Academy. Khan Academy is especially known for learning. There are various courses available through which you can develop your programming skills. But here you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. But that’s not much. To know more about Khan Academy visit here.

4. Code School 

Code School is a learning platform specifically focused on programming. You will learn about various topics in programming. You can learn a lot from the programs that a school provides. And if you take a premium, there is no question. But the most important thing is that you have to have the mentality to go. Click here to visit Code School.

5. Free code camp

One of the most popular names among programming geeks is Free Code Camp. Code Camp is very popular for basic to advanced level learning. Free Code Camp is a completely free learning platform. More than 40 thousand (till 2021) developers have got jobs with the help of Free Code Camp and this number is increasing day by day. Click here to learn more about Free Code Camp.

6. Code Gym

If you want to learn programming in a dedicated way, doing it may be a better option for you. In addition to the English language at Code Gym, you can learn the language through a variety of activities. This is what I like the most. Code Gym Sir has more than 6 lakh registered members and has completed more than 5 lakh taxes. Click below to learn more about Code Gym.

7. Code4 start up

Code4Startup is a popular e-learning platform founded in 2015. The platform has various free courses along with premium cells. And you will get complete guidelines on this platform. Click here to know more about it.

8. One Month

It is a programming learning platform. If you are a dedicated person then Part Form is for you. I don’t know what kind of platform it is after hearing the name here it will help you in skill development within a month. So if I am then you can see the posts from this platform. Click here to know more about One Month.

9. W3Schools

The largest and most informative platform for any kind of technical earning is w3schools. Here you can learn HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, SQL, Asp, and JSP in almost all languages ​​from basic to advanced. There will teach you different types of codes. Click here to know about W3school.

10. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is also a popular programming learning platform these days. This platform has the opportunity to learn Python, JavaScript, PHP, C, C Sharp, and many other languages ​​for free. Click here to learn more about SoloLearn

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