CPA Marketing is becoming more and more popular in the world of digital marketing. Basically, all the types of products that are advertised using the online platform or the Internet are part of digital marketing. And CPA marketing is a special strategy of this digital marketing.

Nowadays many people have chosen digital marketing as a career. Many of them are working again with CPA Marketing. Many people want to start working again with CPA marketing. Maybe someone just wants to get a clear idea about it. What is CPA marketing, how does it work, and how can CPA marketing be done?

What is CPA Marketing?

To know what CPA marketing is, first you need to know the full form of CPA. CPA – Cost Per Action (CPA – Cost Per Action). CPA marketing is a process in which an organization producing a product or service contracts with another person or organization for advertising. According to the contract, the person who advertises can get his audience to buy the product or perform some other specific task, then he gets the honorarium money only. This process is CPA marketing.

How Does CPA Marketing Work?

CPAs already know what marketing is. In this part of the article, I will tell you exactly how CPA marketing works. There are basically two sides to the CPA marketing model. The first party is the producer of a product or service.

The second part is the promoter of that product. Because advertising all products is a necessary process according to the normal rules of business. If you want to sell a product, you must inform the buyer about it. And it is through an advertisement that buyers will know about a product or service.

Since CPA marketing is a part of digital marketing, this marketing process is completely digital. Let’s say a YouTuber has 10,000 subscribers. A t-shirt company can also take the help of this YouTuber if they want to boost their t-shirt advertisement.

In this case, the company selling T-shirts will advertise with the help of YouTubers instead of advertising directly on Facebook, YouTube, or Google. The YouTuber can talk about the t-shirt for a certain period of time in his video or in some other way to attract buyers about it. This way his audience will know about the t-shirts through him and maybe be motivated to buy them. But the biggest feature of CPA marketing is that its goal is not just to sell products.

CPA marketing is primarily used to accomplish three types of goals.

  • Product sales
  • Sale of services 
  • To perform a task by a visitor or customer

First, a large part of CPA marketing involves selling products. If you are a promoter of a product and you have an agreement with the product manufacturer that you only get paid if the product is sold then selling the product will be your main goal.

That is, as many products as viewers buy by watching the content of a YouTuber or a Social Influencer, that YouTuber can earn on the basis of commission for those products.

The second goal is to sell services. It is very similar to selling products. Only in this case, the advertiser’s words are propagated and his audience or listeners buy a service. It can be any service, it can be an online learning course, it can be email marketing, and it can be website building.

CPA Marketing The third goal is what makes CPA Marketing the main difference from Affiliate Marketing. First of all, we know that CPA stands for Cost Per Action. In other words, to earn money in the CPA model, you need your audience to do something.

 It could be anything. As a preacher says if someone accesses a website, that too is an act. Through this, the owner of that website is getting a certain amount of views. Similarly, if one participates in some statistics and answers some questions is also a task.

Thus, subscribing to a channel, subscribing to a newsletter, and expressing yourself in a place can all be considered as work in the field of CPA marketing.

Differences between CPA Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Many people confuse CPA marketing with affiliate marketing. Because these two are two close approaches to digital marketing. Their differences are highlighted with the help of the info below:

Type of comparison

  • Definition
  • Sell products
  • Payment
  • Amount of money

CPA Marketing: CPA marketing is an advertising model where money is paid when a specific task is completed.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where you get paid when products are sold.

Sell products

CPA Marketing: CPA marketing is not always dependent on selling products.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is all about selling products.


CPA Marketing: In CPA marketing, promoters get paid only when certain actions are taken by customers.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing requires customers to buy a product or service. Only then does the preacher gets paid?

Amount of money

CPA Marketing: Fees per job in CPA marketing are generally lower than in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing: In affiliate marketing, money is paid only when the product is sold, so the amount of remuneration is also high.

That is, in simple words, the difference between CPA marketing and affiliate marketing is mainly in terms of getting money. In CPA marketing, the advertiser pays the promoter when a specific action is taken by the customer. But it can be any job.

This includes everything from selling products to general subscriptions. And how much money will be paid for any work depends on the type of work. Since CPA marketing also takes on a lot of smaller tasks, the fees are usually low.

On the other hand, the job of affiliate marketing is to sell a product. And since the commission is given only when the product is sold, the commission rate in affiliate marketing is low but the amount is high.

Sources of CPA Marketing

By now you know what CPA marketing is and how it works. Now if someone wants to do some work with the help of CPA marketing or if someone wants to do CPA marketing then what to do? If you want to do CPA marketing, you have to find out its sources first. CPA marketing generally comes from three types of sources.

  • Social media
  • Youtube
  • Blog site

Social media

Nowadays social media is a great source of CPA marketing. Facebook has the largest number of users on social media. Currently, many people are participating in CPA marketing by providing links to various products or subscriptions on their Facebook pages.


YouTube is one of the mediums for both CPA Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. CPA marketing is most visible on YouTube. Because now most of the popular YouTubers have a few moments of advertising in their videos. In these cases, from giving the related link in the description box of their video. Visitors may install an app or subscribe to something from those links. These are all examples of CPA marketing.

Blog site

Another source of CPA marketing is blog sites. Nowadays people prefer to watch videos, but a large number of people still visit blogs to understand various things. CPA marketing can be done using this opportunity by including blog sites with general advertising as well as any linking strategy related to writing.

How to do CPA Marketing?

This section of writing is the most important for those who are thinking of putting time and effort into CPA marketing. Since the process of CPA marketing is quite simple, almost anyone can participate in it. If you want to do CPA marketing, you need a platform first. Platform basically refers to sources of CPA marketing. In other words, to get involved in CPA marketing, you need to own a page, channel or site that is viewed regularly by a large number of people. In this case, to be honest, setting up a separate page or channel just for CPA marketing is not very profitable. But you can position the platform in such a way that it is ideal for CPA marketing among other purposes.

If you are a fairly well-known content creator, you can slowly start CPA marketing on your content. CPA marketing can be done in domestic or international arena if desired. However, if you want to do it in the international arena, basically it has to be an English language platform. The international arena has an advantage. That is, there are several CPA marketing networks at the global level. Customers from different countries find CPA marketers from those networks. By joining such a network and consistently providing good service, there will be no dearth of customers. Some international CPA networks:

However, such a CPA network is absent in the domestic arena. Therefore, if you build a Bengali language platform, you need to maintain direct contact with the organization for advertising.

CPA Marketing Tips

Since many people are doing CPA marketing these days, you want to be different if you want to be successful. One thing is most important if you want to be successful in CPA marketing. That is to fix one’s field. For example, there are many tech YouTubers in Bangladesh.

They mainly make videos about technology products. Now naturally advertising technology products on their channels will be more effective. Because the audience has already created a place of trust for that YouTuber regarding technology products. This is a simple example but the point is, start CPA marketing on the topic you are used to creating content on. Because in any type of marketing, the trust of the audience can bring you success.